Eminem Uses Dolly Parton Meme To “Reveal” His Grindr Profile Photo


There are unwritten rules pertaining to how we should present ourselves in different forums of the internet. On Twitter, you can generally be your unfiltered self, posting whatever the hell comes to your mind because, well, that’s what happens over there. On Facebook, you’ve got to be a little more in control of your thoughts… After all, your crazy uncle is reading every word you write. The meme format taking over the world right now derives from 74-year-old Dolly Parton, who shared a collage of profile pictures she uses for the different platforms. People are quickly submitting their own entries and Eminem, who just released his surprise album Music To Be Murdered By, decided to throw his name in the hat

Scott Legato/Getty Images

“Do I do this right?” asked Marshall Mathers in his caption, sharing a list of pictures he deems appropriate for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more. For LinkedIn, he wears a professional get-up, adjusting his tie and looking very employable. Facebook shows a more recent shot of the rapper giving a smouldering look to the camera, feeling himself and his beard line-up. On Instagram, the legendary Detroit native feels he can go a little crazy, posting an image of him as Santa Claus on a reindeer. The bottom right corner of his meme shows what he would use as his Grindr profile pic, joking that he has an account on the gay dating app. As you would expect, it’s that iconic firecracker shot.

Yes, Marshall. You did do this right. However, your manager is probably on his way to take your phone away for the day.

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