Eminem Was Originally On Joyner Lucas’ “ISIS”


In May of 2019, back when Joyner Lucas was in the midst of rolling out his ADHD album piecemeal, the rapper stoked hype for his “ISIS” single by teasing a mystery feature. Given that Em and Joyner had only recently collaborated on “Lucky You,” marking the first official duet between the two lyricists. Naturally, many expected that Eminem would return the favor, and theories of his “ISIS” involvement were quick to follow. Yet upon the song’s release, the guest was revealed to have been Joyner’s former rival Logic, signaling an end to their beef once and for all. 

Joyner Lucas Eminem

 Paras Griffin/Getty Images

While many responded quite favorably to Joyner and Logic’s musical chemistry — case in point, the track recently secured a platinum plaque — it would appear that the ADHD rapper originally held other plans. In fact, he recently took to his Facebook page to reveal that Eminem was actually meant to appear on “ISIS,” breaking down the situation as follows. 

“Fun fact,” he begins. “Eminem was originally supposed to be on ISIS. I waited a month for his verse but at the time he was finishing his album and couldn’t give me a date. So After i made amends with logic he invited me over to his house and i played it for him. He went crazy and knocked it out on the spot. That record will be 2xs platnum next year. Lol crazy right?”

Though it would have been interesting to catch a post-Kamikaze Em putting in work on “ISIS,” it’s safe to say that Logic put in work in his stead. Not to mention the fact that the collaboration also served to put an end to a troublesome feud, one that saw both parties flinging shots across various tracks. Thanks to the diplomatic prowess of one Royce Da 5’9″, however, Joyner and Logic were able to move forward as not only collaborators, but friends. 

Fun fact…. Eminem was originally supposed to be on ISIS. I waited a month for his verse but at the time he was…

Posted by Joyner Lucas on Sunday, November 15, 2020