Eminem’s Alleged “Black Girls Are Dumb” Lyric Sampled In Nick Cannon Diss Track


Everybody thought that Nick Cannon was finished with Eminem. He even declared that he had officially won their feud after releasing two diss tracks without a response. Unfortunately for Marshall Mathers, the hate just keeps on coming in though. Nick Cannon has been around for a long time and you better believe that if there’s ammo to pull up on someone, he’ll find it. He’s definitely got the right connections. Despite putting an end to the beef, the comedian decided to return with some clear receipts that are insanely damaging if determined to be legit, calling on the public to “cancel” Eminem.

We all know just how problematic Eminem has been in his career. He’s made inflammatory statements about sexuality, race, and more, serving as a bully to pop stars across the world. The most recent song released by Nick Cannon samples an alleged lyric that Em uttered before his career blew up, insulting women of color with the following bars: “Black girls are b*tches/black girls are dumb.” The lyric is looped throughout the display and, although it has not been confirmed whether Eminem is actually the man on record spitting them, they’re pretty indefensible, as noted by TMZ

Nick Cannon no longer wants Em to be a “guest” in the hip-hop house, asking the fans to put an end to his legendary run. Elsewhere in the song, he uses soundbites of the rapper calling his ex-wife Mariah Carey curse words. Listen to the diss record below and let us know your thoughts.

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