Eminem’s Love Of Chris D’Elia’s Impersonation Detailed In New Podcast


Chris D’Elia has always been quite popular as a comedian but back in 2018, D’Elia exploded thanks to a viral video in his car where he does an impersonation of Eminem. The clip is quite hilarious and went on to be a huge hit throughout social media. Eventually, D’Elia followed this video up with a freestyle from his garage which finally captured the attention of the popular Detroit MC. In fact, D’Elia’s impersonation was such a huge hit with Em that he got to star as him in Logic’s music video for “Homicide.”

In a recent episode of D’Elia’s “Congratulations” podcast, the comedian spoke about getting to meet Eminem for the first time and how they hung out at his studio for two full hours. As D’Elia explains below, the rapper loved the comedian’s impression and even tried to replicate it in the opening minutes of their meeting.

D’Elia also talked about how he was worried that Em might be a little standoffish but turned out to be the opposite as they had plenty to talk about during the meeting. D’Elia’s impersonation of Eminem continues to be a big hit amongst fans and it’s proof that the rapper doesn’t mind laughing at himself, after all.

What do you think of D’Elia’s impression and are you surprised that Em is such a big fan of it?

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