Eminem’s Stalker Takes Big Setback In Court


Stalking never prospers. Matthew David Hughes, who was recently arrested after breaking into Eminem’s home last year, is in the midst of learning that exact lesson in court. A new report from the Detroit Free Press has provided an update on the ongoing case, indicating that prosecutors scored a massive win after a judge allowed them to use additional evidence in their case against Hughes.

The newly-allowed evidence points to Hughes’ allegedly attempting to stalk Eminem long before breaking into his home. Citing an incident on June 1, 2019, prosecutors allege that Hughes was lurking around a Rochester Hills property that Eminem used to own. Apparently, he rang the doorbell, confessed that he was seeking Eminem, and proceeded to sleep uninvited in a guest house found on the property.

In April of 2020, Hughes broke into Eminem’s house during the night, where he came face to face with the legendary rapper. According to Eminem, Hughes claimed that he intended to kill him, as validated by a detective during a court hearing in September of 2020.

Though Hughes’ attorney Richard Glanda claimed that the newly allowed evidence was irrelevant, the judge believed that Hughes’ extensive history of actively seeking Eminem painted a clearer picture of his intention and state of mind. In addition to these charges, Hughes is also facing assault charges following an incident with a Macomb County Jail deputy.


Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While the case has yet to reach a conclusion, it certainly doesn’t appear to bode well for Hughes at this time. Of course, Em fans have been quick to note the way art has seemingly imitated life, as Eminem previously penned a fictional bout with a stalker named Matthew on Marshall Mathers LP 2 opener “Bad Guy.” Keep an eye out for further developments on this ongoing trial as they occur.