Eric Bellinger & La’Myia Collide On Wax Via “Agree 2 Disagree”


If anyone is an expert in the art of cuffing music, it is Eric Bellinger. After seasoning the past year with three volumes of his Cuffing Season outputs, the crooner returned this week to deliver on two new bonus tracks to top off the Cuffing Collection. 

In conjunction with “Build Something,” the singer-songwriter also arrived with a duet that features none other than his real-life wife La’Myia. The songstress, who is also the older sister of actress Meagan Good, is well-known for a number of accomplishments including her part in defunct R&B group Isyss. These days, her name is colored by her relationship with Bellinger and she effectively arrives as a voice to be reckoned with as she effortlessly matches Bellinger in a vocal game of tag.

Together, the two voices cleverly battle on the subject of fighting when there are more important matters to tend to by their measures.

Listen below.

Quotable Lyrics

Why we be at each other (Sheesh)
When we could be on each other? (Yeah)
Why you be all on my head
When I could be all on your head, boy?


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