Errol Spence Charged Following Near-Fatal Car Accident: Details


Just last week, superstar boxer Errol Spence was involved in one of the scariest crashes you could possibly imagine. Spence was driving his Ferrari at high speeds when he hit a median and flipped the car multiple times. The crash was so violent that he was ejected from the car and was immediately attended to by paramedics. Surprisingly, Spence only escaped with broken teeth and had zero broken bones from the incident.

It was great to see Spence doing well following the crash as many people in the same situation have tragically passed away. While Spence is in the clear healthwise, he will have some legal ramifications from the incident. According to TMZ, Spence has been charged with a DWI of the “class B misdemeanor,” variety. 

Following the crash, Spence received a ton of support from his fans and had his representative issue a statement thanking everyone for the love he’s received.

“[Spence’s family] want to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes and are extremely grateful to the Dallas first responders who rush to the scene to attend to Errol after the accident and the doctors who are taking care of him at the hospital,” the statement read.

Stay tuned for updates on Spence’s condition and his impending case as we will be sure to bring them to you.


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