Essie Gang Make Their Debut As A Unit WIth “Pattern Chanel”


While Essie Gang has long been doing their thing as individuals, the crew comprised of Octavian, J Rick, Michael Phantom, and L3 has now returned to share its debut track as a set, bring along Essie Gang associate SQ Diesel for the ride on “Pattern Chanel.”

The new track is also attached to accompanying music video directed by Essie’s Kill Farell and Arm Druzanovic and finds Essie matching the infectious energy and chemistry laid out on the track.

Member Octavian first paved the way for Essie Gang with his breakout “Party Here” single. Since then, Essie Gang has quietly carved out their own lane making for a poignant debut with “Pattern Chanel.”

Quotable Lyrics

We been doing it messy, she wanna kick it like Messi
It got messy, money fall like confetti
Nomination to let me, matter fact respect me
I’ll step on your bro, you’ll let me


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