Euro Details One Of Lil Wayne’s Strange Insecurities On “Between The Lines”


Young Money rapper Euro has been making waves under Lil Wayne’s tutelage for years and finally, his Don’t Expect Nothing project was made available last month. In the week leading up to the drop, the Dominican rapper came through with a Tunechi-assisted single called “Talk 2 Me Crazy.” The track was well-received by fans and it’s generally seen as one of the favorites on the body of work. The song has been one of Euro’s most successful hits thus far and he stopped by our office to chat about the process of creating it, noting that he just knew his mentor would sound perfect on it.

Produced by Ozhora Miyagi, Euro was obsessed with “Talk 2 Me Crazy” from the moment it arrived in his inbox. “I probably did that song in like twenty minutes– twenty-five minutes,” says the rapper. “As soon as I heard it, we went straight to the studio and we just locked that down right away. I actually wrote two verses for it. As soon as I heard it, as soon as I thought of the hook, I was like ‘man, I know Wayne would go crazy on this.'”

As always, Weezy ended up killing his verse. However, he wasn’t entirely sure if it was hot or not. Euro explains: “Wayne does this thing, I don’t know if he’s joking or not but he’ll just ask you, ‘Yo, you think my verse is straight?’ Like, I don’t know if he’s joking or not cause he’ll kill it and then he’ll still ask like, ‘You think this verse is cool?’ I’m like, man, chill out. That verse was crazy. Every time I hear a Wayne verse on any of my songs, it’s still a surreal moment.”

Watch the full video above to see Euro dissect the lyrics to “Talk 2 Me Crazy.”


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