Eva Marcille Talks Kevin McCall’s Arrest: “He’s Crazy, Like I’ve Told The World”


It was just on Tuesday when we reported on the latest arrest of singer-songwriter Kevin McCall. He was taken into custody at a Georgia courthouse where he was appearing to address the lawsuit he filed against ex-girlfriend Eva Marcille over custody of their daughter Marley Rae. While at the courthouse, Kevin was filming himself on Instagram Live, but when a security officer told him to stop, Kevin became upset.

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Soon after, news began to circulate that Kevin was detained following a physical altercation, and on Wednesday, Eva discussed her ex being arrested once again. “This is what’s so crazy about it,” Eva began. “He was arrested going into court for a case he filed against me. More recently, he drew a suit against me for child support—which is amazing because he’s never given a cent and I’ve raised our child—but child support, custody, and…I’ve recently changed my daughter’s name from his last name to our family name which is Sterling, and he now wants to reverse that.”

Eva added that she wasn’t at the courthouse, but her husband, attorney Michael Sterling, was there on her behalf. “I guess while [Kevin] was going into court he got into a fight with security because he’s crazy, like I’ve told the world a million times,” she said. “[He] apparently has some cases that were pending already. He’s on probation for domestic violence against someone else and so, that case is in a few months and now he’s being detained for something else, so…”

The mother of three was asked if she’s ever talked to Marley about her father being arrested and she said no. For now, Marley is a young girl who still believes in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, so Eva doesn’t believe that it’s time for those topics to be discussed. Watch the clip of her segment on The Real below.

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