Even YBN Nahmir Is Trolling Himself Over “Soul Train”


At least YBN Nahmir is in on the joke. For the last few weeks, the 21-year-old rapper has been getting viciously trolled on social media for his low sales on his new album Visionland, as well as one of the specific songs on the project. Reportedly only managing to move 4,000 copies of the album in its first week out, fans have been clowning Nahmir and using this instance as the new measuring stick for low-performing projects.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

While there are definitely some good songs on Visionland, there are some that likely shouldn’t have made the cut according to thousands of fans across the world. “Soul Train” has been trending for quite some time as people argue that the song is one of YBN Nahmir’s worst performances ever, with some even going so far as to say it’s one of the weakest tracks ever released. At the time of this publication, the song has an intensely bad ratio of dislikes-to-likes on YouTube, with 18,000 thumbs up and 165,000 thumbs down. 

“Who let him drop this,” asked one of the top comments. “Bro made it out the hood, just to go back,” joked another. Apparently, YBN Nahmir is laughing at the memes, making a confident declaration on Twitter.

“Song of the year ‘soul train’ by @YBNNahmir,” tweeted the young rapper in response to all of the hate he’s been getting. When DJ Akademiks posted the message on his popular blog site, Nahmir doubled down, saying “DUH” to Ak’s question if it’s actually the best song of the year.

If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out above. What are your thoughts on “Soul Train”?