Excited Fan Runs On Field During Super Bowl LV: Watch


Super Bowl LV in Tampa was a stunner. No one would have expected the Chiefs to be held without a touchdown for the entire game, but Tampa’s defense delivered their city a ring. Yes, Tom Brady played like a GOAT, however, it’s really Tampa’s defense that deserves the utmost credit. As the game was winding down, with less than 6 minutes left, one excited fan couldn’t help but jump on the field while the players were preparing to hike the ball. The fan was wearing a pink swimsuit and some tight black shorts. At one point, he tries to pull down his pants as Patrick Mahomes looks around confused at the chaos. 

The Super Bowl was not the game we were all expecting, however it was fun to watch. Since Florida has some of the laxest Covid-19 regulations for a populous state, you can expect there to be some wild partying tonight. Lil Baby rented a house in Tampa for the celebration, but was forced to flee after a mob of fans found out where he was staying and showed up at the residence. Fans are also praising The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance.