Fabolous Clarifies Shiggy Situation, Says Internet Made It Bigger Than It Was


Contrary to the viral video that hit the internet recently, rapper Fabolous and internet comedian Shiggy aren’t at odds. We reported yesterday that Shiggy was confronted by Casanova and Fab over asking Fabolous to pay him to do a dance challenge for his single. Fab asked Shiggy to kick off a challenge for Fab’s song “Choosy” featuring Davido and Jeremih, but following the international success of Drake’s “In My Feelings” with the help of Shiggy’s viral clip, the Instagram influencer wanted to get a check first.

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Social media debated the issue while Fab didn’t understand why the video became such a big deal. When he was told about Shiggy’s response, Fab said, “Now he’s trolling into it, too.” The rapper explained to Hot 97, “Listen, it was all a joke. It was all to play with Shiggy. Shiggy is a joking person, so you joke back with him.” Fab stated that because he and Shiggy had a good relationship and he knew him personally, he approached him about doing a challenge.

“‘Yo man, it’d be cool if you do something for the new joint, for ‘Choosy,”” Fab recalled he asked Shiggy. The rapper said that Shiggy asked for a check beforehand, a request that Fab wasn’t offended by. He recognizes that social media influencers get paid by record labels, but he doesn’t do that personally out of his own pocket. “I even told him, ‘Yo, Imma see if Def Jam can get you a check. Lemme figure it out. I’m not mad at you gettin’ your money. I’m not paying you, but if Def Jam wanna cut the [check] why wouldn’t I let Def Jam give him some money.”

His explanation made sense to the radio hosts, but Fab added that there are exchanges that go down for sans payments. “He did the Drake thing for free,” adding that Shiggy got paid “after the fact. It wasn’t a negotiated payment beforehand.” Ebro said now that Shiggy has gained some fame, things might be different. “But you also had people who was supporting you before you was Shiggy,” Fab replied. “The internet made it a big funny story.” Watch Fab’s interview, and the friendly confrontation, below.

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