Fabolous, Emily B & Kids Stunt With White Fur Coats On Christmas


Fabolous and Emily have decided to end the year strong and so together. The family posted up on Instagram with quite the drip-filled photo as the whole gang was dressed up in white furs. The photo was shared via Emily B’s Instagram account and makes up for a very fly family holiday photo. Herein, you can spot Fabolous and his long-lasting love Emily B each posted in their individual white furs as Emily sports a complimenting white hat. Right near them are their kids, Jonas and Joso Jackson who are also holding it down with the white furs and fly look. The photo is obviously a look and they look very good next to the snowy pine trees. Interestingly enough, the fur pieces are from the Duckie Confetti collections. That is the same designer responsible for Beyonce’s iconic Leopard-print look. 

Both Emily and Fab were not the only ones to bury the hatchet this year. In fact, Lala and Carmelo Anthony did too. This couple has gotten back together and shared an incredibly adorable photo of their shared moment. The picture initially shared on LaLa’s Instagram, shows LaLa, Carmelo and their son Kiyan. To make things even cuter, the family is all wearing matching pyjamas.


from HotNewHipHop.com https://ift.tt/2QnMVkm

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