Famous Dex Gets Hit With 19 Domestic Violence & Gun Possession Charges: Report


Unfortunately, it seems like every time Famous Dex is making the headlines for something, it’s never for anything along the lines of new music or a positive update in his battle with substance abuse issues. Despite entering a rehabilitation center late last year and receiving support from his peers in music in support of his sobriety, recent footage of the rapper shows that he may be spiraling once again. Adding on to his misfortunes, TMZ reports that the 27-year-old Chicago native just got hit with 19 charges of domestic violence and gun possession.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

According to the publication, the charges stem from three different incidents. Two of the alleged violent altercations were between the rapper and his ex-girlfriends. As we reported at the time, back in November, officers responded to a domestic violence disturbance at the “Japan” rapper’s home and discovered a woman on the scene with visible injuries. This then led to a SWAT standoff between Dex and police as he barricaded himself with firearms after allegedly assaulting his ex. 

In relation to that incident, he’s being charged with domestic violence, weapon possession, dissuading a victim from reporting a crime, plus defacing property. Additionally, stemming from another physical altercation he got into with a different woman back in October, the rapper is being charged with corporal injury domestic violence, threatening a domestic partner, exhibiting a firearm, inflicting bodily injury, dissuading a victim from reporting a crime, defacing property and illegal possession of a firearm.

The final incident he’s facing charges for is from earlier this month when he was arrested for the loaded gun cops claim they discovered under his seat during a traffic stop. Prosecutors are citing the fact that he’s not allowed to possess a firearm because it violates a restraining order, so he was charged for that as well as possession of a gun without a serial number. 

If you add up all of the potential punishments for his total charges, the City Attorney’s Office tells TMZ he could be facing up to 18 years behind bars, although they note some counts may merge as the case continues to develop. 

As always, we’ll keep you updated as that happens. 

Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET