Famous Dex Grabs Wiz Khalifa For New Single “Proofread”


Famous Dex has been taking his time. Over a year has passed since his last album Dex Meets Dexter arrived in April of 2018, and some wondered whether the artist was destined to burn out in its wake. Alarming videos raised concerns about his health, and fans were left wondering how Dexter would pick up the pieces. Now, however, he seems poised to take the next step. Returning to the fold with a new album (set for release at the beginning of next year), Dex has linked up with Wiz Khalifa for his official first single “Proofread.” 

The track itself explores new sonic territory for Dex, a more subdued and melodic vibe. Lyrically he remains content to retread favored topics, but the singsong delivery does breathe some additional life into “Proofread.” At this point Wiz seems to be enjoying the act of making music more than the process of writing it, leading to a spree of carefree verses and Kush-soaked bars. Here is no exception, and while he isn’t exactly setting new standards, he remains a reliable addition to any party.

Check this one out, and sound off – does Dex have another “Japan” on his hands?

Quotable Lyrics

Someone, who do you better, bitch, please
I’ma pour this bottle ’til it’s empty
Check the record, I’m the one who succeed
Pick you up and you was looking sexy
What I’m rollin’, big trees
All my diamonds are shining like Christmas Eve

from HotNewHipHop.com https://ift.tt/35LKKOe

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