Fan Recounts Encounter With DMX That Led Her To Forgive Addict Father


Since hip hop legend DMX’s passing, many fans have come forward with their heartfelt stories about meeting and speaking with the rapper. Sheila Matthews, who owns the blog The Black Regina George, was one of these fans. She used a series of Tweets to describe an encounter she had with DMX in 2017 when she saw him in a hotel hallway. According to Sheila, she heard DMX talking while she was in her room and immediately went out to meet him. 

She called the meeting “divine intervention,” and noted that the two had a 15-minute conversation. Sheila didn’t go into great detail about their conversation on Twitter, but she mentioned they talked about her late father, who had passed as a result of years of addiction. DMX was apparently incredibly sympathetic, and told Sheila to “forgive him.” 

Scott Gries/ImageDirect

I needed to hear that,” Sheila wrote. “Of all people, it came from someone I grew up listening to bc of my dad. Sometimes in the moment you don’t understand the significance of a moment until it’s passed. To this day, I credit X for helping me learn forgiveness. I am praying that he gives himself grace — in this lifetime and beyond. His words and impact have left a deep legacy.”

Read all of Matthews’ Tweets below.