Fat Joe Explains “Family Ties” May Be His Last, Says Features Include Top Rappers Dead Or Alive


Is it time for Fat Joe to bow out of the game? The Bronx spitter has made claims that his December 6 release Family Ties is his “greatest album ever,” but according to the rapper, it may be the last he delivers. “The features on this album, that I’m not gonna tell you about, are the greatest…phenomenonal, is what I’m trying to tell you,” he shared with Power 106’s L.A. Leakers. “The biggest on earth.”

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“Me and Dre, I convinced Dre to do it,” he said, clarifying he was referring to Dre from Cool & Dre, not Dr. Dre. “Dre has been making music and hits for artists for years, but he’s dumb nice. So I forced him to be an artist and come out in the front. He said, ‘Alright, if you do an album with me, I’ll do it.’ So, it’s kinda like a Dr. Dre album, like Chronic where people pop up. In all our songs it’s really me and Dre, but then somebody’ll pop up—and no, not just a regular pop up.” Joe emphasized that fans will both impressed and surprised by the features he’s included.

“I think this album has about…the features I got are three of the top five dead or alive rappers ever in the history of rap,” Joe continued. He said flat out that he wasn’t telling who they are, nor was he giving any hints. The rapper confirmed that the album is completed but it might be his last “game-winning home run.”

“It’s conflicted,” Joe explained. “We livin’ in an era of cancelations and people get mad at what you do and what you say. I grew up in an era when my name was Fat Joe da Gangsta. I know I’m a father, I know I’m a grown man, but my music gotta be real street gangsta stuff.” It’s a different generation and a more sensitive climate for Joe, so he may bow out gracefully. In the meantime, let us know who you think he’s nabbed as features on Family Ties.

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