Fat Joe Says Ignoring Eminem’s Demos Was “Biggest Mistake” Of His Life


When Eminem was trying to make it as a young rapper out of Detroit, he did what all aspiring artists do. Marshall Mathers hustled his way to the top, earning his stripes in the industry and proving to everyone that he truly is one of the greatest to ever live. Still trying to get noticed by the right team, Em ended up sending his demo tape to Fat Joe more than a handful of times and, each instance, the New York veteran shut him down. In fact, he never even listened to the tapes. He’s now looking back on the moment and calling it the biggest mistake he’s ever made.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Yesterday, we wrote about how Fat Joe regrets snubbing Eminem’s demo tapes at the start of his career and now, he’s claiming it’s one of the things he would change about how his life has gone. The star took to Twitter to express just how strongly he feels about the decision to pass on Marshall Mathers. “Biggest mistake of my life,” he wrote. Of course, he likely had no clue how essential Em would become to the game. At the time, he was just another kid with potential, handing out a disc to Joe.

Can you imagine if Fat Joe would have signed Eminem? How would hip-hop history have changed? 

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