Fendi P Brings Back His Savvy Steez On “The Art of Finessin 2”


Been looking for some new Corner Boy P lately? It’s never gonna happen — well, at least not in the way you might be used to. If you didn’t know, the Jet Life Recordings emcee officially changed his name to Fendi P as a move towards better marketability, which we personally don’t think he needed to do given the amazing quality of his latest mixtape, The Art of Finessin 2.

Rebranding and all, P is clearly moving in the right direction regardless based off how he’s approaching his music career and recent releases. On The Art of Finessin 2, the unique-sounding, N’awlins-bred rapper flexes with help from fellow JLR artist Fiend and hip-hop heavyweight Wiz Khalifa. Over the span of 13 tracks, Fendi P gives you different styles that showcase the many facets of his rap persona, including self-love (“Fendi”), a bit of boastfulness (“NBF”), a sucker for the Western classics (“Country Rap Tunes”) and even soulful (“Signed and Sealed”) amongst other things. While head honcho Curren$y doesn’t make an official appearance like he did on P’s first The Art of Finessin installment, the way his boy handles things practically all on his own surely makes for a proud moment on Spitta’s behalf if we had to guess. With all that said, Fendi P’s future is looking very bright, even if he does decide to switch his name up again. Maybe next time he can just go by “P”!

Listen to The Art of Finessin 2 by Fendi P below, and also check out part 1 that dropped back in 2016 when he was still going by “Corner Boy P” on your favorite music streaming platform. 


1. Game Recognize Game (feat. Fiend)
2. Fendi
3. NBF
4. See Sumin
5. Broken Promises
6. No Return Policy
7. Country Rap Tunes
8. Rich Friends (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
9. Money Mitch
10. Purge
11. Quarter, Half’s & O’s
12. Signed and Sealed
13. 2016 Cornerboy