FKA Twigs Tries To Figure Out Love On Sophomore Effort “Magdalene”


Singer-songwriter FKA Twigs continues to push the envelop and carve out her own lane in music with her stellar sophomore album, Magdalene. From beginning to end, FKA Twigs takes listeners on a futuristic, experimental sonic journey that tugs at your emotions, especially those related to matters of the heart. The singer has had a few high-profile romances play out in the media, and with the highs of love come the lows of heartbreak. FKA Twigs places all of that hurt on wax, and it plays out mysteriously on Magdalene.

“I’m of a generation that was brought up without options in love,” the singer shared with Apple Music. “I was told that as a woman, I should be looked after. It’s not whether I choose somebody, but whether somebody chooses me.” She added, “Now it’s like, ‘Can you stand up in my holy terrain? How are we going to be equals in this? Spiritually, am I growing? Do you make me want to be a better person?’ I’m definitely still figuring it out.” Listen to the ethereal Magdalene and let us know what you think.


1. thousand eyes
2. home with you
3. sad day
4. holy terrain ft. Future
5. mary magdalene
6. fallen alien
7. mirrored heart
8. daybed
9. cellophane


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