Flatbush Zombies Dive Into A Sea Of Self-Reflection On “quicksand”


It has undoubtedly been a quiet week for music, for obvious reasons, but several artists have used their platform and artistic outlet to send out a bigger message. Flatbush Zombies, particularly, came through with their new EP now, more than ever, which feels like a bigger statement than any Instagram Post can convey. 

FBZ’s latest project tackles several important topics from racism to police brutality but “quicksand” is a reflection of mental health issues, specifically in the Black community. “My problems is real, mama, my problems is real, I tried to run from my problems until I bloodied my heels,” Meechy Darko raps at the beginning of the verse before diving deeper into the topic, much like quicksand. Reflecting on his own issues, he acknowledges the effects of drugs as he juxtaposes it with the likelihood of dying at the hands of the police. 

With Erick The Architect holding it down with a grim, hallucinatory instrumental, Meechy Darko opens up about his own issues at a time where it feels all too necessary.

Check the track below.

Quotable Lyrics
I’m deep in my feels, my right hand on the wheel
I know they say drugs kill, but so do cops, who cares?
This shit straight ill , nobody know how it feel

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/flatbush-zombies-dive-into-a-sea-of-self-reflection-on-quicksand-new-song.1987488.html

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