Flavor Flav Is Sick Of Lil Boosie Comparisons: “Look What The F*ck You Done Started”


No one particularly enjoys being involved in a case of mistaken identity. One thing that could make it even more irritating is when the mixup is intentional. Flavor Flav and Lil Boosie have been exchanging words with each other via their respective social media channels after the latter claimed someone confused him with the former reality TV star, offended by the comparison.       

Flav responded to Boosie in a subsequent video letting him know he, “can’t f*ck with Flav.” It seems like since the video, folks have been going out of their way to purposely misidentify Flav as Boosie, which is not sitting well with the 62-year-old Public Enemy rapper.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“Ayo, check 1, 2, this Flavor Flav on Las Vegas boulevard live, baby. Ayo, this sh*t is getting out of hand right now, you know, what I’m saying. Motherf*ckers coming up to me calling me Lil Boosie on purpose,” he started in his rant, appearing visibly annoyed.  

“‘Hey Lil Boosie how you doing? Oh Flavor Flav,'” said the former Flavor of Love star in a mocking tone. He continued, “Ayo, I don’t look like no Lil f*cking Boosie, aiight. Boosie, look what the f*ck you done started, son, you got everybody calling me you now.

“I don’t look like Lil Boosie,” he reiterates before finishing, “I look like Flavor motherf*cking Flav, so y’all get it right, aiight. Word up, g. Boosie ain’t got stats that I got. Boosie only got the stats that he got, so y’all remember that shit. I’m Flavor motherf*cking Flav not Lil Boosie.”

He’s previously ranted about the comparisons in response to Boosie. “I like Lil Boosie though, that’s my dude, going around smacking the sh*t out of people, oh he’s a real G. But he still can’t f*ck with Flav. I got the stats, alright. Word to the bird,” he said. Check out Boosie’s video that started it all below if you haven’t seen it already.