Flavor Flav Mocks Boosie For Mistaken Identity Story: “Boosie Can’t F*ck With Me”


Boosie Badazz’s social media presence is a consistently reliable source for comedy gold. In one of the more recent legendary rants from Boosie, the Baton Rouge native paced around a mall as he angrily recalled an encounter with a woman who assumed he was Flavor Flav. Catching wind of the now-viral footage of the rant, the Flavor of Love star took to social media to respond to Boosie’s claims. 

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Republic Records

“Ayo check this out, I’m up here walking through the mall man and motherf*ckers is running up to me talking bout Lil Boosie,” said the reality TV legend in the Instagram story video before pausing. He continued, “I don’t look like Lil Boosie. If anything, Lil Boosie looks like me. I was here first. Nah what I’m saying? Word up.”

“Aye, I’m a big fan of Lil Boosie know what I’m saying? But Boosie can’t f*ck with Flav. Boosie can’t f*ck with Flav, you know what I’m saying,” he emphasized. “Forreal, baby, I got stats, I got stats, ya heard? Word to the bird baby,” he explained before adding he was a fan of Boosie once again. 

“I like Lil Boosie though, that’s my dude, going around smacking the sh*t out of people, oh he’s a real G. But he still can’t f*ck with Flav. I got the stats, alright. Word to the bird,” he finished. 

In the original video from Boosie, he seemed quite offended to be mixed up with the former VH1 King. To be fair, having your identity mixed up so assuringly would be annoying for just about anyone. Check out Boosie’s initial rant below.