Florida Highway Patrol Finds $1.2 Million Worth Of Cocaine During Traffic Stop


Florida Highway Patrol troopers ended up dealing with a situation way more serious than expected during a recent traffic stop. According to a report from NBC Miami, on Tuesday (Jan. 14), troopers discovered 12 kilos of cocaine hidden inside a car that was initially pulled over for illegally tinted windows. 

A red 2016 Dodge Journey was driving down Interstate 75 A when troopers stopped it for excessive tint-age. The 27-year-old driver, Elizabeth Espinoza, could have driven away from the situation with a mere citation, but her visible trepidation made the troopers suspicious. A K-9 was brought over to search the vehicle and the troopers were surprised by $1.2 million worth of cocaine bundles. The Tampa Bay Times detailed that the coke was found “hidden within the dashboard and other voids within the vehicle,” and in the rear of the car. 

Espinoza has been arrested and charged with two counts of cocaine possession, one count of cocaine trafficking, and one count of public order crimes. She is being held on $34,000 bail. If only she could have kept it cool…

In other news pertaining to Florida crime, a woman was arrested for threatening McDonald’s employees that she would obtain free dipping sauces by “whatever means necessary.”

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