Florida Man Flirts With Judge During Hearing: “You’re Gorgeous”


Is it ever the wrong time to shoot your shot? One Florida man doesn’t think so. Defendant Demetrius Lewis was attending a hearing in Broward County when he decided to flirt with the judge, Tabitha Blackmon. “Judge, you [are] so gorgeous, so gorgeous judge, I just had to tell you. You’re gorgeous,” Lewis stated, to which Judge Blackmon laughed. “Flattery will get you everywhere, but maybe not here,” she responded. The hearing was to discuss his bond for an upcoming attempted burglary case.

Lewis’ bond was set at $5000. There is a possibility that Lewis is trying to take a queue from another case in Australia. That trial was declared a mistrial after a juror was caught flirting with the defendant. The case was tossed after a sheriff reported to Judge Peter Berman that he watched the juror flirt, bat her eyes, and make suggestive movements towards to defendant.

“Discharging a juror for flirtatious behaviour is fortunately not something that happens all that often.” Berman told the court.“I heard some evidence … about some subtle communication going from the juror to the accused. No one is suggesting that the accused was responding.” This seems like a high risk, high reward tactic.