Florida Rapper Murders Two People Moments After Filming Music Video


23-year-old Florida rapper, Billy Bennett Adams III, has been charged with two counts of murder in the first degree after allegedly fatally shooting two men, and one count of armed burglary of a structure. Adams, whose stage name is Ace NH, supposedly knew both of his victims.

On Thursday evening Adams arrived at a recording studio where he was reportedly filming a music video of his. After his session was over, he shot the two men and sped off in his car. He was apprehended by officers from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office two days after the shooting and is being held at the Orient Road Jail without bail. It’s unclear whether or not he has an attorney at this time.

While the police have not released the names of the victims, they did mention that the crime was gang-related. Adams and at least one of the victims, allegedly, identify as Crips. In a statement, Sheriff Chad Chronister said: “Although the attack was clearly targeted, we will not allow gang-related disputes to disrupt the comfort and safety of innocent residents in any of our communities.”

“It is clear that this suspect had no regard for human life, and now he will face the consequences for his actions,” he added.