Florida Woman Dislocates 10-Year-Old Son’s Jaw For Refusing To Stop Playing Fortnite


Since Fornite took over the world, the online game has spawned many shocking headlines, but this one might take the cake. According to a police report, a woman in South Daytona, Florida, dislocated her 10-year-old son’s jaw after he refused to stop playing Fornite after she asked him to. 

The incident started with Ann Perugia, 35, instructing her son to quit playing Fornite and take a shower on Wednesday around 5 pm. The son told the police that he simply “forgot to do as he was told.” However, Perugia’s report claimed that her son explicitly told her “no” when she asked him to shower. The boy also allegedly said to her, “I hate you and you don’t do anything for me.” When the mother found out ten minutes later that her son had still not taken a shower, she reportedly followed him to the bathroom, where she punched him in the face. 

After this occurred, Perugia called her son’s father, Brian Butler, who was asked to take his son with him once he arrived. The father does not have full custody, so since the incident, the son has been staying with his aunt. 

Police say Perugia did not mention punching her son, but she was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse with physical injury. The boy’s jaw was determined to be dislocated and scratches were found on him.

In other Fortnite-related news, a class-action lawsuit is being leveled against the game for intentionally being designed to be highly-addictive


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