Floyd Mayweather Shares That He’s “Been Dealing With A Lot” In IG Clip


This is a rough patch for Floyd Mayweather. Within weeks, the boxer not only lost the mother to three of his children, Josie Harris, but his uncle, Roger Mayweather, also passed away. Since that time, Floyd has been relatively silent as he grieves, aside from sharing loving memories on his social media pages of these two people that were significant figures in his life.

Floyd Mayweather
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Earlier this week, Floyd shared a video to his Instagram page where he addresses the public in a somber clip. The famed boxer began his video by saying that he just wanted to take a moment to speak to the world about what he’s been going through in his personal life. “I’ve been dealing with a lot,” he said. “As far as dealing with the loss of the mother of my children, she was a significant other, a great woman, a great person. And dealing with a trainer, an uncle, a father figure, Roger Mayweather. So I’ve been dealing with a lot.”

“I’m affected by this. It hurts to see what the world is going through,” Floyd continued. “But I want us to stick together and keep believing.” Floyd Mayweather admitted that he isn’t a perfect person and makes mistakes regularly, but he’s constantly working on becoming a better man. Unlike others, Floyd said that he will continue to help those in need without announcing it to the public. “As long as God [knows] that I’m doing a good deed, that’ what’s important to me.” Watch Floyd Mayweather speak candidly below.

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