Floyd Mayweather To 50 Cent: Baby Mama “Said You Got Herpes”


Overnight, there was a lot of drama popping off between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather. You never know when these two will break back into old habits. They’ve been at bay for years and it doesn’t feel like they’ll be lightening up on each other anytime soon. Gervonta Davis was brought into their longstanding feud but before he responded to the madness, Floyd Mayweather ended up taking some heavy shots at his personal punching bag: 50 Cent.

Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Usually, the beef is fairly one-sided with Curtis Jackson doing much of the talking. He’s built up the reputation of an internet troll over the years and he’s not looking back, dragging everyone’s name through the mud. After mentioning his name once again, Floyd decided to bring out the artillery, unearthing an old article about Fif allegedly having sexually-transmitted-infections

“Even your first born son’s mother, Shaniqua said you got herpes,” wrote Floyd on his page. “But by the way your eyes look, it looks more like something deadlier than that.” 

At this point, the feud between Floyd and Fif will never be complete. They will go at each other for the rest of eternity and we all need to come to terms with that. Do you remember when they used to be buddies?

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