Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Jirah’s TikTok Video Includes Dark Message About Family


Floyd Mayweather’s 17-year-old daughter, Jirah, made a TikTok video of her family to pay tribute to her late mother (and Floyd’s ex), Josie Harris, but some speculate that she was also revealing the truth about her relationship with her father and siblings. Josie, the mother of three of Floyd’s kids including Jirah, was found unresponsive in her car last month, and later pronounced dead. Her passing was difficult for their whole family, but it looks like Jirah has found a creative way to honour the memory of her mom.

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The teen made a video on TikTok set to a cover of Orianthi’s, “According To You,” by Elise Lieberth, that seems to explore her entire family dynamic. During the chorus of the song, Jirah included photos of herself and Josie, while the singer belts out, “But according to him/I’m beautiful, incredible/He can’t get me out of his head.” Based on the lyrics, Jirah is indicating that her mother loved her just the way she was.



♬ According to you covered by Elise Lieberth – alpha_wolf_maddie

However, the video begins with a photo of her and Floyd with the caption “dad” and a present-day Jirah pointing to her father, as Elise sings, “according to you/I’m stupid, I’m useless/I can’t do anything right.” The photo then switches to a shot of Jirah and her siblings, Iyanna, Zion, and Koraun, with the lyrics, “according to you/I’m difficult, hard to please/Forever changing my mind” playing. This cryptic message has many of Jirah’s followers speculating that her relationship with her father and siblings is less than perfect, and that her mother was her only true supporter. While it’s possible that she didn’t intend for the video to be received that way, it’s difficult to ignore the particular lyrics that she chose to associate with these members of her family. Regardless, Jirah clearly loves and misses her mother, and Josie’s part of the video is too heartwarming. May she rest in peace.


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