Former Eagles CB Orlando Scandrick Puts Entire Team On Blast: Watch


Orlando Scandrick was recently released from the Philadelphia Eagles after a wild game in which the team lost 37-10 at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys. Scandrick has been a solid cornerback over the last few seasons and today, the player went to FS1’s Undisputed where he spoke about the team’s issues and why they have been underperforming this season. At 3-4, the Eagles are out of a playoff spot and Scandrick seems to know exactly why the team is facing so many issues right now.

“Let’s just say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Scandrick said on the Eagles locker room. “You’ve been in a lot of locker rooms, if me and you are having a conversation in the locker room and it gets leaked to [Bayless], so he’s going to get the edited version, what was the version that me and you were actually talking about?”

Scandrick also went off on Howie Roseman who is the general manager of the team. The cornerback says that Roseman is an untrustworthy figure and that he was only released because they were looking for a scapegoat. Interestingly enough, the Eagles secondary has been suspect this season although some aren’t ready to put all of the blame on the players.

All-in-all, it seems as though the Eagles have a ton of problems right now and making the playoffs might be an uphill battle.



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