Former Patriots Wide Receiver Goes Scorched Earth On Organization


Over the years, the New England Patriots have been known to be sticklers when it comes to their player personnel. Head coach Bill Belichick has no problems cutting a player out of the blue, or worse, benching them during the final quarters of a Super Bowl. While some players have positive memories of the Patriots, others not so much. 

One of the players who have some negative thoughts on the infamous dynasty is former wide receiver Aaron Dobson who left the team in 2015. On draft day, Dobson went on a lengthy rant in which he laced into the Patriots for the way they treated him. As he explains, the team sabotaged him during the 2015 season and he is still looking for answers.

“Some of the conversations I had about me not playing in NE went like this..why are you hanging out (with) defensive players? (like we are not all on the same team) why do you wear your hoodie so much in the building? (Like why does that even matter) I can’t make this up lol (shaking my head),” Dobson tweeted. “Let me clear this up! I chose to stop playing football..not the other way around just FYI!”

Fans were fairly skeptical of Dobson’s claims although the only people that really know what happened are, of course, Dobson and the Patriots staff.

Knowing Belichick, Dobson’s claims certainly won’t be addressed anytime soon.


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