Former QAnon Follower Apologizes For Thinking Anderson Cooper Eats Babies


A reformed QAnon supporter spoke with Anderson Cooper on CNN, Saturday, and apologized for once believing that the respected broadcast journalist eats babies. The former conspiracy theorist, Jitarth Jadeja, was invited on for a special report titled, “Inside the QAnon Conspiracy.” 

Anderson Cooper, QAnon
Mike Coppola / Getty Images

“Did you at the time believe that high-level Democrats and celebrities were worshipping Satan? Drinking the blood of children?” Cooper asked.

“Anderson, I thought you did that, and I would like to apologize for that right now. So, I apologize for thinking that you ate babies,” Jadeja replied.

“You actually believed that I was drinking the blood of children?” Cooper said.

“Yes, I did,” he responded.

From there, Jadeja explained that Cooper and his family are consistently called out by name by Q and his followers. He says just four days ago, there was a post that alleged Cooper is actually a robot in disguise. 

Jadeja says he “believed that QAnon was part of military intelligence, which is what he says. But on top of that, that the people behind him were actually a group of fifth dimensional, interdimensional, extraterrestrial … aliens called blue avians.”

He continued: “I was so far down in this conspiracy black hole that I was essentially picking and choosing whatever narrative that I wanted to believe in.”

The QAnon movement gained steam during Donald Trump’s presidency and centers around the belief that the former President was working to expose Democratic elites for running child trafficking rings.