Four Dead, Including A Child, In Southern California Shooting: Report


Another tragedy reportedly involving a mass shooting has occurred in California. As America has poised itself for reopening as vaccines become more readily available, the United States has been plagued with an increasing amount of violence. Within the last two weeks, we’ve experienced the Atlanta spa shootings, the Colorado supermarket shooting, three shooting incidents in one evening near the same location in Virginia Beach, and learned of several injuries in a mass shooting in Washington, D.C.

On Wednesday (March 31), reports state that another shooting took place in the city of Orange at a business complex. The investigation is obviously ongoing, but it’s reported that officers descended on the scene after receiving a call about gunfire. The incident was still in motion when officers arrived and a witness who lived in an apartment complex nearby told KTLA News that he heard “seven to ten gunshots within a couple seconds.”

An officer opened fire on the gunman, striking the person, and it’s reported that they are in critical condition. Four people were murdered during the tragic incident, including a child. The age of the youngest victim has not yet been shared. A woman was rushed to the hospital and is stated to be in critical condition.

A witness named Cody Lev claimed that he was at his home near the location when he heard shots, but he stated he “heard a series of gunshots, spaced out by about 40 minutes, before police responded.” The identity of the shooter has not been revealed at the time of this publication. It is also unclear if this is a random mass shooting or if the perpetrator knew his victims.