Frank Ocean Inks Deal With Warner Chappell Music: Report


Frank Ocean isn’t necessarily the type to broadcast his business, is anyway. Whether music or his personal life, Frank Ocean stays low key for the most part. In recent times, it appears as though he’s made some major power plays that have, of course, never been spoken of until now. According to Variety, Frank signed a publishing deal with Warner Chapell. This is the latest signee under the company’s new co-chairs Guy Moot and Carianne Marshall. Frank’s deal landed in the fall but Warner Chapell’s brought along other major names to the roster such as Lizzo and Summer Walker.

Frank’s issues with the music industry have been aired out in the past. He famously released Endless to, ironically, end his contract with Def Jam before releasing Blonde. He discussed his problems with the industry earlier this year with GayLetter.

“F—ing with major music companies, you’re going to be… deflowered,” he explained. “Anytime you get into the business side of the arts, there has to be some degree of objectification or commodification that you’re comfortable with, of yourself and of your work…. A lot of people I talk to about careers in the music industry, their ideas of success have to do with nostalgia. They have to do with tropes of success, things they’ve been shown over the years that represent what a successful career is. I think that helps you become prey, because somebody can manipulate you with those things.”


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