Frank Ocean Releases New “Blonded” Merch


Frank Ocean is coming for our wallets once again. Everything the man does is drenched in so much anticipation and mystery that it’s hard to not jump at the opportunity to participate in whatever it is he is offering. Oh, Frank’s selling an adhesive metal phone ring with a rotating ring stand and emblazoned Blonded logo? Take my money! That’s just one of the items included in the elusive artist’s latest merchandise drop. 

Blonded is clearly not just associated with Frank’s 2016 album, but has become his whole brand, since he continues to create within this theme. On Friday, Frank shared a variety of products through his website, Aside from the phone ring, you could purchase an iPhone case (if you have one of the latest models), silk boxer shorts, cozy socks, sweatpants and hoodies. All the items feature the Blonded logo printed on them, which results in them being prestigious and pricey. You never know when Frank will make his next move, but you do know how rabid his fanbase is, so jump on these products fast before they sell out! 

Frank Ocean has been confirmed as the Sunday headliner of Coachella this year. Perhaps he will a bring custom merch booth to the desert as he did when touring Blonde in 2017. 


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