Fred The Godson Dropped Brilliant Bars On Funk Flex Freestyle


On April 23rd, 2020, Fred The Godson died at the age of 41 after a battle with the coronavirus. Upon his passing, hip-hop was quick to celebrate his legacy, taking to social media to highlight the brilliance of Fred’s bars. Cut from the same cloth as legendary New York lyricists like Biggie, Big Pun, and Jay-Z, Fred’s writing style came heavy on the punchlines and double-entendres. As such, many of his bars were quick to fly overhead, especially when he fired them off in a freestyle format.

In many ways, that’s exactly the type of format on which he excelled. “King of New York Christopher Walken in me,” he rapped, in the midst of an incredible freestyle on Funkmaster Flex. “Biggie and Pun both Christophers walking in me / New body Tahoe the blocks swerving / Since March 9th never did like them box suburbans.”

The clinic proceeds to run for nearly seven minutes, throughout which Fred’s composure never wavers; he’s exactly the sort of emcee Funk Flex admires, and the radio host’s face is equivalent to a child in a candy store. And with bars like “Put the grams on it, I rarely eat pork, I don’t even like money with Abraham on it,” it’s a surprise Funk Flex was even able to muster a response.

Check it out now, especially if you’re looking for a reminder of how nice Fred The Godson really was. Rest in peace.


These rappers far from nice who am I to tell the distance
Hearing what you write I know why you’re so persistent
Send me half your budget I may could be of assistance
Past bars I’m in, They call your girl Kim
Cause every time the car dash, she in
Word clips well
Two guns name Kelly and B so it won’t be a missed shell
Y’all can’t be talking to me
After my show I have to be 4th in the V
King of New York Christopher Walken in me
Biggie and Pun both Christophers walking in me


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