Freddie Gibbs Blazes Through “Big Boss Rabbit”


He may have missed out on a Grammy win, but with or without it, Freddie Gibbs remains one of the most respected emcees in the Rap game. The Alfredo artist was recently nominated for Best Rap Album and ultimately lost to Nas’s King’s Disease, but Gibbs took it all in stride. The savvy lyricist has returned to share his new single “Big Boss Rabbit” on Friday (April 2) along with an accompanying music video where Gibbs gets to work in the studio.

On the single, Gibbs blazes through the track with his hard-hitting bars, as usual, causing fans to further anticipate the rumored joint project with Benny The Butcher. Benny recently fanned the flames of the gossip by revealing that there is truth to the rumors, although we don’t know much about it all just yet. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more about the collaborative album, but until then, stream Freddie Gibbs’s “Big Boss Rabbit” and share your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

Kane Train Records, b*tch, we runnin’ sh*t
Just touched down in the airport
Louis V backpack full of them hundreds, b*tch
Cleaner than McQueen, ho, I’m a gangster, not no lover, b*tch
Grammy afterparty b*tch, we rock it like we won it, b*tch