Freddie Gibbs & Cash Lansky Team Up On Ripdee’s “Scooter”


DJ Ripdee might not be the most familiar name out there but it appears that he’s revving up for a major year ahead. Teaming up with Freddie Gibbs and Cash Lansky, Ripdee drops off his latest banger, “Scooter.” An airy, bass-heavy beat kicks off with Gibbs snapping on the first verse and the hook before Cash Lansky swings in for the final verse. Lansky might not be the most familiar name but he surely holds his own down on the record.

Gibbs is coming off of a highly productive year including the release of his critically acclaimed joint project with Madlib, Bandana. The rapper-producer pairing are set to bring their Zebra-themed album all the way to Indio, CA this April for Coachella. Keep your eyes peeled.

Quotable Lyrics
N***a pushin’ powder, another product of Reaganomics
Sittin’ at the livin’ room table, we ’bout to weigh it, chop it
Now all my n***as play with green like Isaiah Thomas
89, he back to back like Isaiah Thomas


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