Freddie Gibbs Celebrity Lookalike Is Iggy Azalea & We Can’t Unsee It


Freddie Gibbs’ Instagram Story is filled with all sorts of debauchery from the depths of the Internet’s hell. However, there is also some PG-rated content on it. As you’ve probably seen, there’s been an incline in popularity in the celebrity lookalike app, Gradient. Gibbs was the latest to use it and the results were hilarious.

A lot of people would argue that Gibbs looks a lot like Tupac but apparently, the Gradient app didn’t agree. The rapper shared two separate results that suggested he shares physical similarities to pop stars. He first shared one that resulted in showing his facial similarities to Iggy Azalea and another one with Justin Bieber. Like the rest of us, Freddie Gibbs was quite confused about how he could possibly look like Justin Bieber or Iggy Azalea, captioning the posts with a simple, “D’fuck?”

Freddie Gibbs is a few months released from his latest project, Bandana with Madlib, the critically acclaimed sequel to his 2014 project Pinata. The album is undoubtedly a contender for Album Of The Year which is actually the name of his forthcoming tour. Gibbs will be hitting the road with Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine, and Cousin Stizz. The tour kicks off in Minneapolis on Nov. 11th and concludes in Denver, Colorado on December 3rd. Peep the tour dates here.


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