Freddie Gibbs Details Insane Roster Of Producers For New Album


If you’re a fan of albums like Pinata, Bandana, and the Grammy-nominated Alfredo, then you’ll be incredibly excited to know that both Madlib and The Alchemist will be contributing to Freddie Gibbs’ next solo album. The rapper appeared on the cover of MixMag where he discussed his forthcoming project which is reportedly titled SSS, though it’s unclear what that stands for… yet.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

The Alchemist and Madlib have proven to bring the best out of Freddie Gibbs but he’s expanding beyond those two producers for “another album of the year,” as he’d describe it. The elite group of producers that he’s enlisted for the project include Working On Dying, and Hit-Boy, as well as Mike Will Made It and Metro Boomin who he previously suggested was interested in working with him. “It’s another album of the year. I’m about to go and work with Pharrell next week. Madlib, Working On Dying, The Alchemist, Sevn Thomas, Hit-Boy, I just talked to [Mike Will Made It]. It’s gonna be the best produced album that I ever made,” he said.

Though nearing the age of 40, Gibbs insisted that his next album will continue to prove that he’s one of the best rappers to exist. “When rappers get to 30, some get bored, some aren’t inspired anymore,” he explained, adding that SSS will dive deeper into his compelling storytelling skills while reflecting on his unique position in the rap game.

Freddie Gibbs recently released his latest single, “Big Boss Rabbit” which he said was inspired by his loss to Nas at the Grammys. However, he admitted that it could’ve been worse in his recent cover story as he reflected on the results of the now-infamous 2013 Grammys Rap Album of the Year category winner. “If you’re gonna lose to somebody, you’re gonna want to lose to Nas,” he said. “Nas is a hall of fame MC. If anything it just shows how great I am to lose to such an MC. I could’ve lost to Macklemore or something.”

Are you excited for SSS?