Freddie Gibbs Gets Roasted By Jay Versace On IG Live


Freddie Gibbs’ Instagram page is a goldmine for all things debaucherous and unholy in this world. His IG Stories are filled with memes from the depths of Instagram hell but his Instagram Live sessions are equally fruitful. Sometimes, you might get to hear some unreleased music. Other times, he might jump into a hilarious conversation with a fan. 

Most recently, Gibbs got on Instagram Live with producer Jay Versace, who recently produced Westside Gunn’s “Versace,” for a hilarious back-and-forth on the ‘Gram. Off the rip, Gibbs already made it clear that Jay Versace was going to get roasted because of his hat but the producer was simply looking to find out when Gibbs would “roast them beats” he sent over. “You did send me some beats. And aye, look — and them shits was hard,” Gibbs said. “You’re a weird n***a but you talented,” Gibbs added. 

Jay Versace clearly wasn’t feeling the backhanded compliments and tore into Freddie Gibbs… and his new dog. “You a weird n***a! What the fuck?! That dog weird. That shirt weird. Them wrinkles in your head weird,” Jay Versace said. 

“That’s your personal opinion,” Gibbs said as he shrugged his shoulders. “My dog don’t give a fuck about you. He’ll bite the shit out you.”

It didn’t end there. Jay Versace kept it going. “Fuck your dog with them big ass ears. N***a, you have the same ears as your dog. Fuck you. You look just like your dog,” he said.

Of course, Gibbs had the last word, telling Jay Versace that he looks like he’s on electric circus with the colorful toque. Peep the hilarious clip below. 


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