Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Go Instrumental On “Bandana Beats”


In 2019, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib united for the arguable album of the year in Bandana, a brilliant body of work from two master craftsmen. And while much has been rightfully made of Freddie Gibbs’ lyricism, Madlib’s instrumentals are the glue that keeps the beast operable. In honor of his meticulous handiwork, the pair have offered up an alternate take on their modern classic, this one highlighting the musicality in cinematic fashion. In essence: Bandana Beats plays out like a film score to a mafioso drug-pushing gangsta flick with elements of film noir, action, and gallows comedy.

Those familiar with the original project will likely find new appreciation in the instrumental variant, and those of us who write for a living are all but blessed by its existence. In truth, there’s no reason to conjure new interpretations for the sake of padding the word count. Simply put, Bandana Beats is a wonderful bonus and a reminder of the damage (in a good way) an elite producer can do when sitting comfortably in his bag. 


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