Freddie Gibbs Says Losing Grammy To Nas Inspired New Single


Freddie Gibbs is fresh off of the release of his latest single, “Big Boss Rabbit,” which seems to be the third single from his forthcoming release. His latest single arrives just weeks after the Grammys where Alfredo lost to Nas’ King’s Disease. The fact that Gibbs was even nominated for a Grammy is a win overall, but it seemed oddly coincidental that “Big Boss Rabbit” was a flip of Nas’ “You’re Da Man.”

Some fans went as far as claiming that some lyrics in “Big Boss Rabbit” threw shade at Nas but Gangsta Gibbs explained that it was actually the Queensbridge legend that motivated him. During the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Freddie explained that it was the evening at the Grammys that fueled this record. “Nas won the Grammy, you know what I mean? So I was like, alright, fasho,” he said.

“He gave me motivation. Thank you, Nas, man,” he continued. “If I was going to lose to anybody, you know, I gracefully lost to a legend like Nas. I appreciate you. You turned me up, you really pissed me off that night, and you motivated me to get better, man, in the booth. So, I appreciate you for that. Thank you, dawg.”

Perhaps the upcoming Gibbs album includes a collaboration with Nas? Are you here for that? Sound off in the comments.