Fre$h Experiments With His Sound On 5-Track EP “Still Summer Somewhere”


Houston artist Fre$h is a man who has consistently delivered some dope tracks and projects over the years. Fans are always looking forward to what he will do next and over the weekend, he decided to drop a brand new five-track EP that contains some summer tropical vibes. In fact, while making this album, Fre$h noted that he got to experiment with Afro beats for the very first time.

“I was in Aruba when I realized that tropical sounding music really has no expiration date. Ironically, my dog Paperboy Fabe hit me and said “Yo Fre$h, I think your voice would sound good on some Afro beats.” I had never tried it before so as soon as I got back we locked in and created some of the best music I ever made and named the project Still Summer Somewhere.. because even if it’s cold where you are, all you have to do is board a plane to catch the vibe,” Fre$h said.

Fre$h’s voice works great with the production and all five of these tracks will have you wanting to be at the beach with a drink in your hand. Stream the project, below.


1. Bottomless Mimosas
2. Wild (ft. Flee)
3. Toxic
4. Shaggy (ft. Mike Zombie)
5. Asking For A Friend (ft. Squalla)