French Montana Admits “Turning Up” Too Much Landed Him In The Hospital


It was confirmed today that French Montana has been officially released from the hospital after a recent stay in the ICU for intense stomach pain, nausea, and an elevated heart rate, and the rapper revealed to radio host Zane Lowe just how he ended up there. Though he was transferred from the ICU last week, French was still hospitalized until Friday, the same day he released his new album, Montana. While it was speculated based on his 911 call that he was intoxicated when he began experiencing heart problems, French confirmed today that “intoxicated” is an understatement.

“You know, life come at you sometimes, get you down to your knees. That’s what happened when you try to be too much of a rock star on your birthday. I turned up so much I ended up in the ICU,” he said, revealing that he went overboard with his travels as well. “Damn, for real. I went to like four different countries in like six days. Saudi, Egypt, Morocco, and like somewhere else. I ended up in my house.” French also reveals that, while his health is a priority, he is frustrated that he can’t promote Montana the way he’d like to because he has to focus on getting better. “They told me I have to stay home for like four weeks until I’m fully recovered. I had an album coming out. I’m so mad because I can’t do what I’m supposed to be doing.” 


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