French Montana Discredits Kendrick Lamar Again


Complex Music released a comparison of Kendrick Lamar and French Montana’s commercial success last night to prove, once and for all, who has more hits out of the two. The findings revealed that Kendrick Lamar overwhelmingly has more hits than French Montana.  

The results proved that Kendrick has been in the Top Ten eight total times while French Montana has only been there twice. As for total entries on the Billboard Hot 100, Kung Fu Kenny has been there forty-eight times with French Montana clocking in seventeen entries. Finally, a list of their multi-platinum records was detailed with French falling short again.

The Bronx rapper has seen the comparison and he’s still out to prove that he’s got more hits. In fact, he commented on the post, discrediting Kendrick once more.

“Most of kendricks features Too!,” claimed French Montana, disregarding all of the presented information that proves him wrong. “I never compared myself I just stood up for myself. We all know kendrick one of the goats.”

Technically, you did compare yourself. You literally said that you have more hits than Kendrick Lamar, in those words. That is what comparison is.

Do you think Young Thug will have something to say about this?


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