French Montana Drops $1.5 Million On A “Nipsey Blue” Bugatti Following ICU Stay


As the year comes to a close, French Montana is looking forward with a new outlook on life. The rapper had a very close call near the end of this year, when he was rushed to the hospital for intense stomach pain, nausea, and an elevated heart rate after partying too hard on his birthday. French spent much of his stay in the ICU and remained in the hospital for almost two weeks to recover. He recently revealed that the experience really opened his eyes, and that he gained some major clarity. It looks like that new perspective on his priorities includes luxury sports cars, because French recently purchased a black and blue Bugatti for $1.5 million. According to TMZ, French had his new whip delivered to his home in Las Vegas on Sunday night by L.A.-based Wires Only Luxury Car Dealer. The dealership used a special truck to ensure that the expensive cargo was not scratched or damaged in any way during the transport. 

In a video posted on his Instagram, French can be seen beaming with pride at his new ride, saying that it’s “a little gift for myself.” He then proceeds to throw toilet paper in the air and at the cameraman, before entering the car. A brief shot of the interior then focuses on French’s shiny iced out watch, until the video cuts to a different clip of the car being loaded into the special transport truck. He wrote in the caption, “FRESH OUT OF ICU WOKE UP IN THAT NEW BUGGATTI!!! LIL GIFT TO MYSELF! FEEL LIKE A BOSS MOVE LIKE A BOSS AND TASTE LIKE A BOSS lol #nipseyblue๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™ MOTIVATION USE ONLY ๐Ÿ—ฝ ALLAH AKBAR โค๏ธ RIDING WITH TOILET PAPER FOE THE SUCKERS.” French’s recovery isn’t the only feat he has to celebrate. His new album, Montana, which he dropped shortly after his release from the hospital, has been a huge success, and it looks like things are looking up for French in the new year.


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