French Montana Has Been Officially Released From The Hospital


Ah, the healing power of music. French Montana recently found himself hospitalized for two long weeks in a scary turn of events, facing symptoms racing from stomach pains and exhaustion. And while it got scary for a moment or two, it would appear that French is on the verge of a full recovery. On the same day his brand new Montana album arrived in full, TMZ reports that French has been officially released from the hospital. Clearly, you can’t keep a good man down, especially if he has an album to release. 

Unfortunately for French, the road to recovery isn’t quite so simple. Doctors have apparently made it clear that at least thirty days of bed rest are in order, though it’s unlikely French will obey such a sedentary order. Especially given that a new album is generally followed by tours and press runs, neither of which can be undertaken by the bedridden. We can only hope French prioritizes his health accordingly, tempting though it may be to shirk his duty. 

Get well soon French, and don’t stress. The fans will still be there in a month, especially if the album has some longevity. On that note, what’s the early verdict?



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